The Court of LOVE

The starting point of this vision was my question to Jesus regarding 1.Cor. 11:31: „But if we judged ourselves truly, we would not be judged (ESV),“ or in another translation, „If we went to judgment with ourselves, we would not be judged (EU translated from Germany).“ For better readability, I have written down this vision as a dialogue between myself and Jesus.

M: I recently read 1.Cor. 11:31 in a German translation: „… we went to court with ourselves … „. Does „going to court“ with us have something to do with a specific courtroom in heaven?

Jesus: Yes, of course. There are many rooms in my father’s house (John 14:2). Unfortunately, very, very few Christians come to this courtroom. It is not, as many mistakenly assume, self-condemnation or self-perishing. Love is enthroned on this judgment seat; here the „Court of LOVE“ takes place. The other courtrooms are there for external issues from your point of view, this court is about internal matters concerning your heart, soul and spirit. Above the front door of this magnificent courtroom it is written „freedom“.

M: May I have a look around this courtroom before I get involved (or become involved)?

Jesus: Of course, if you like. Follow me into this courtroom. Only I have or I am the key to entering this courtroom.

After Jesus unlocks the door to this courtroom, he asks me to look around the room. What do you see, Jesus asks me?

M: I see a person sitting in a judgment seat. This chair is more like a throne than a chair. Since you have already revealed to me that this is the „court of love“, must love sit on the throne!? Of course, I know from the Bible that you are LOVE. So is it you, Jesus, even though you are standing right next to me and just asking me this question? How does it work? Are you more than the tree persons of the Holy Trinity now?“

Jesus smiles and tells me: „Your conceptions of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit are far too limited. Let me illustrate it to you like this. You are three-dimensional beings. How should I, as a multidimensional being (that is, more than three-dimensional), explain myself to a three-dimensional being like you? It would be like trying to explain an ant the Eiffel Tower in Paris, at whose feet the ant is crawling. Your attempts to explain me as a multidimensional being are doomed from the start to failure. Only when you have regained your multidimensionality through the transformation, can I explain it to you. To give you a simple answer now: yes, I am LOVE and you can see me next to you and on the throne at the same time. It’s like one of your previous visions when you were in the Father’s heart with the Father. What else do you see?“

M: „The ground on which the Throne of Love stands is like a large, transparent crystal. The throne itself looks like a blazing fire on the one hand, and solid matter on the other. LOVE, too, looks like a person at the same time as fire. Is this the consuming fire that the Bible speaks of (Heb. 12:29)?“

Jesus: „I am (as LOVE) this consuming fire that ignites and sets you on fire but does not burn. Moses saw this fire in the burning bush (Exodus 3:2). This fire accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness and led them out of Egyptian slavery into the freedom of the Holy Land (Exodus 13:22). This fire fell on my disciples at Pentecost, burning away all self-doubt in them so that they could build up my kingdom (Acts 2:2-3). This fire has two sides, like a medallion: in the one hand, it burns everything that prevents you from coming to your destiny; on the other hand it provides you with the necessary energy to fulfill your destiny. That’s why you have to become this fire, otherwise you would start burning in the spirit but end in ‚the flesh‘, that means ending in your own strength – which of course cannot work. What else do you see?“

M: „I see a table between the throne and a comfortable chair opposite.Mabe this is probably for the person who gets involved in this Court of LOVE. Of course, a pot and a cup of living water. On the table lies a book open to LOVE. Also this book is somehow immersed in fire. Is this maybe my ’sins register‘, which makes me inside at least as hot as the book looks like?“

Jesus: „No, that’s your complete book of life. Here you see it from the perspective of LOVE. The pages with the sins you confess burn immediately. They cannot stand the fire. Your destiny and my ‚prepared works‘, which you have asked and done of mine, and more importantly, what you have become, resist the fire. They last until forever. Here, wood and straw separate from gold and gemstones (1.Cor. 3:12-15). This is an anticipation of the ‚judgment seat of Christ*, as the apostle Paul described it in the Scriptures (2.Cor. 5:10). The ‚living water‘ here is of the Holy Spirit and gives you not only refreshment but above all comfort. If you get involved, it will be available to you indefinitely. You will need it. Please keep looking around.“

M: „On the left side of the ’negotiating table‘ I see something like a 3D picture of a flower meadow. And the ceiling above us is not really a blanket but rather like an intensely shining rainbow.“

Jesus: „The 3D-image becomes „alive“ when needed and shows you scenes from your past, where you have deviated from the way of love. But not to accuse you but to show you the way of love that you could have walked. The rainbow above you is always meant to remind you that the Father is always at his covenant of life with you and helps you in this process. The rainbow, of course, is alive and will reveal itself to you as the process progresses.“

M: „What is actually being negotiated here in the court of love? Is that the same for everyone?“

Jesus: „To give you a frame of reference, love has set seven days of trial. This is by no means seven days of your time. You are here in another dimension, the dimension of eternity – there is no time. Also, the conversion ‚One day before the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day‘ from 2. Peter 3,8 works not here. You get as much time as you need here. The ‚headings‘ are approximately the same for each person, but the content is individual. Please take a seat in the face of LOVE. Then you can see the agenda on the document in front of you.“

M: „So I sit down opposite to LOVE. In front of me a white sheet of paper appears on the table. At first I could not see anything. A glance is obviously not enough to recognize the content. I ask Jesus: Is this ‚indictment‘ of judgment possibly sealed?“

Jesus: „Yes, it is only for you. Only you can read it. It is part of your book of life. Concentrate on it and get involved.“

M: After concentrating on it I could read the following on the sheet:

The Court of LOVE

1st Day of the Trial: Take responsibility and recognize yourself
(leave the path of self-deception).

2nd Day of the Trial: From the darkness to the light
(go the path of enlightenment).

3rd Day of the Trial: love yourself before you can love others
(go the path of all love).

4th Day of the Trial: Let go yourself
(go the path without useless ballast).

5th Day of the Trial: Become a servant of love and joy
(go the path of honor).

6th Day of Trial: Leave the love of the rule in your life
(go the path of peace and tranquility).

7th Day of the Trial: Get through the freedom in Christ to glory
(RESET – all at the beginning or back to paradise).

Jesus: „You can use way instead of path. It is also the narrow path and it is me as the way (John 14,6). Another very important thing for you: your entire life so far with all the ‚mess‘, as you call it, has served to get you to this milestone. So do not see it (only) negative. It has allowed you access to this Courtroom of LOVE. Now make peace with your life so that you can face the court of love without any false or unnecessary burden. Relax and decide if you want to get involved in your personal judgment of love. Everything is ready. AND it does not change my love for you, whether you get involved or not. It is an offer of LOVE that you can accept or reject. You have the freedom!

But remember that this realistic danger also exists for you: ‚Because injustice will prevail, love in many will grow cold (Mt 24:12).‘ This problem is even more relevant today than 2000 years ago when I told my disciples.

This vision continues with “The Street of Light”

It was a few weeks after the vision of the court of love passed. For a long time I was undecided whether to engage in this court of love. A voice in me wanted to get involved in the court of freedom, another voice advised me against it, that nothing would change for me in the visible world, because from my previous experience. So why should I get involved in this ‚dangerous‘ adventure? But LOVE did not let up and so the vision continued in a way I did not expect.

I am standing in front of a street of bright points of light. I myself stand also on a point of light. Between the points of light is darkness – an abyss. The first points of light are far apart and I would have to jump to reach the next point of light. Unfortunately, between the points of light is the abyss, the darkness. So I stand in front of this street questioning – should I jump or not? There I see the LOVE beside me saying: „Jump, I am beside you and accompany you!“ So I gather all my courage and jump from the first point of light to the next. I just manage to reach the next point of light. But with each jump, the distances of the light points to each other become shorter, until then, that the points of light connect to a light path. Love is always next to me, which gives me the courage and staying power to jump and walk. I do not know where the path will lead me, but as long as LOVE accompanies me it’s no problem for me to go further and further into the light and thus into glory (2. Cor. 3:18). Even the initial fear of falling on the way gradually disappeared.

I continue with LOVE next to me until we come to a big gate – of course closed, I thought so already. Questioningly, I turn to LOVE whether she has the key to the big gate or whether she is perhaps the key. „What are you thinking?“ LOVE asks me. This question surprises me a little, because LOVE knows everything I think. Obviously, I should think more deeply about why we stand here in front of a closed gate.

Well, I decide to say what I think. So far, I was too afraid to express my frustration over closed doors or gates to God. „Dear LOVE, it frustrates me deeply to make experiences in the invisible world that start great and promising and then always end up in front of a closed door, gate or wall. To my question then, why it does not work or what I’m doing wrong – no answer. My question to God, whether I did something wrong, it did nothing. Almost always the answer came: „You did not do anything wrong. If you are about to make mistakes, the Holy Ghost will know you in advance so that you can go another, better way. Otherwise, Jesus forgives you immediately, if you come to Him. This is probably a recurring frustration pattern with me.“

„And go on, think deeper, think about your intention, why you want to make those experiences,“ LOVE asks me. „First the adventure, the inquisitiveness to make new experiences in the invisible world. Is that a mistake?“ „No,” says LOVE, „that’s usually the beginning when someone makes experiences in the invisible world. But you are far beyond this motivation. Keep thinking.“ „Then it certainly came to that, I honestly say that I can show off about others. I wanted to compensate for my lack of recognition. Obviously, I had not received enough of it in my life. After hardly recognize that noyone was interested or the reaction of others was jealousy, also this motivation died in me. Of course, the desperate search for inner healing always resonates. I have been able to experience a lot of healing with me in my life, but this process is unfortunately not yet completed. „

„Markus, all this is just the beginning, but you have to be cleared by the court of love, so your motivation is adjusted. Of course, you cannot do that on your own. You want to make the supernatural experiences out of the wrong intention. This must necessarily be corrected in the court of love. Only with the right intention you can go further. Jesus does not accuse you for your wrong intention. He was as a human being on this earth and understands you. Your intention, however well you wrap it, always has its root in the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You cannot change that without God’s help. Therefore, you need the court of love, so that you become free from the corrupted roots. Only then is the fruit of the tree of life enjoyable for you. Many who come here think they can eat from the tree of life without being cleansed from the evil roots of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The result is always the same – the poison of this tree again corrupts the life, both in the visible and in the invisible dimension.

„Why is this poison of this tree so poisonous to us?“ I ask the love. „Do you remember what Jesus told you about the two trees in Paradise?“ „Yes, I asked Jesus if God planted the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden (see Genesis 2: 8-9). Jesus answered that God, of course, did not plant the tree of knowledge of good and evil (see James 1:13). Satan had taken from the ‚good‘ seed of God’s tree of life. Then he had corrupted this seed with his poison of pride, arrogance and presumtioness and then planted it beside the tree of life. The origin of the seeds for the two trees was the same good seed, but the one uncorrupted from life to get life and the other corrupted by Satan from death to get death. In Paradise, God’s original creativity was still fully effective. So this tree of knowledge of good and evil could grow quickly and bear fruit, so that then both trees stood side by side. God had allowed this so that man could make a free choice between death and life. A free will is only possible on the basis of free decisions. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve chose the wrong side. „

Love now adds more to this vision. „Since you, like any other human being, have parts of their DNA in your DNA, you must deal with the wrong intention of the beginning of humanity, so that your purpose is now purified of this deadly poison. Always remember, the purpose of God is always his destiny for you to live and love out of the communion of God. For this, this judgment of love is necessary so that you can overcome death with life and fulfill the purpose of the beginning. „